Hand Crank Phone Charger

  • $50.00

Hand Crank USB Phone Charger Rechargeable Dynamo Crank Generator Power Bank 


Independently developed, highly efficient power generator makes electrical generation easy and powerful.

Constant voltage and current ensures your electronic products are protected.

Convenient and portable, combining power storage,generation and lighting functions.

Don't worry about missing important phone calls, or finding yourself in darkness when the lights go out.

 Technical specifications:

1.Generator power: 4-6 W
2.Lithium-ion Battery: 2200mAh/3.7v
3.LED light power: 1 W
4.Illumination distance: over 100m
5.Output voltage/current: 5v/1000mAh
6.USB charging voltage/curent: 5v/1000mAh
7.Generator output current: 600-800mA 120-150r/min (At constant speed)
8.Lighting duration (battery fully charged): ≥11h
9.Duration of charging lithium-ion battery when using manual generation at rated speed: 3h (same for charging using power outlet)

Compatible with MP3, iPhone, IPad, smartphones and other mobile digital products.